Dengue is life-threatening disease

The increasing number of dengue cases in the capital has given rise to a panic among people. Even though dengue is life-threatening disease, it is easily preventable and manageable. It is caused by the bite of an infected Aedes Aegypti mosquito and a with the help of a few precautionary measures it is easily preventable. […]

Anti Dengue Time

Let’s make Sunday 10 am National Anti Dengue Time. Check your house and surrounding for possible collection of water as mosquito breeding place. check the following and tick 1. flower vases 2. flower pots and their trays 3. Garbage pile, Garbage bin lids 4. bathing places, toilet 5. under the fridge water tray 6. bird […]

8 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Grow a garden full of your own natural pest control and never buy bug spray again! Look, mosquitoes are awful. They fly around searching for animals or people, to take a bite and suck out their blood. Gross. They may be great food for birds and bats, but you don’t want them hanging around your backyard with […]

4 Plants That Will Keep Mosquitoes Away

4 Plants That Will Keep Mosquitoes Away from You and Your Home! Citronella grass-Catnip or Catmint-Lavender-Scented Geraniums

It’s party time for mossies and goodbye eradication

Letters That the anti-mosquito campaign is a failure is a foregone conclusion, proved not only by the ever- increasing number of cases of dengue in spite of millions being spent by the government but also by the way government officials go about taking action in fits and starts. Once in a blue moon, there will […]

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