Every last Saturday of the month At 2, Botheju Avenue, Off School Lane, Off Staion Raod, Dehiwela. Tp +94 11 2736577 A day for revert sisters to learn and to get integrated into the main Muslim society. “Call unto them with words of wisdom and beautiful preaching” -Al Quran 16:125 We intend to help the revert sisters […]

Qarlan Hasanan Monthly Event

              السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ  Feeding the poor with a meal once a month. We give a bayan and a good meal with desert for the poor people every third Saturday of the month on Qarlan Hasanan Project at the Head Office of Al-Muslimaath, Alhamdhulillah! We have been […]


Many elderly women find themselves wasting time at home not knowing what to do with themselves. Many of them are lonely and depressed and they could even be sick because of this. Some of them may be living alone since they have no children or their children are living far way. In order to combat […]


The Muslim female inmates of Welikada prison are visited monthly for rehabilitation towards the straight path. We not only counsel them but also teach them to recite properly and to read the translation of the Quran. We help them fast during Ramadhan and attend to their problems as and when the need arises.

Distribution of Abaya & Hijab for Reverts

Often the revert sisters just wear shalwars/sarees, even with short sleeves and covers only half of her head with a transparent shawl. We have instilled into them the necessity of proper dress code for the Muslim women in order to abide the rules of Allah subahanahu watha’ala, and secondly in order to get integrated into […]


Committee Meeting will be at 10 30 am on 3rd Monday of every month in sha Allah, at Almuslimath Office no 2, Botheju Mw, Off School Lane, Station Rd, Dehiwela. Committee members are requested to attend to the meeting without fail. Jazakallah!   ALMUSLIMAATH Head Office – Association of Sri Lankan Muslim Women and Girls +94 11 […]

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