Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai

Now that a new era has dawned in our country may we wish that all our wishes come true?

May we form a list of the wishes and keep adding to it so that one day all of them will come to pass? After all what is life without dreams?

This is an ad hoc list. I hope others will keep adding their wishes and we can try to implement them in whatever way possible.

  1. We wish all members of parliament declare their assets now and when they leave the post, whenever that may be.
  2. We wish the MP’s will be elected with minimum qualifications of at least O/L 5 passes
  3. We wish no one with warrants/history of proven crimes can hold a position in the parliament
  4. We wish the MP’s will behave with decorum in the parliament so that we can take our children to watch the highest echelons of the country without feeling ashamed
  5. We wish the politicians will stop drive at break neck speed on the roads shooing other motorists to the sides.
  6. We wish no politicians are invited to programs which is not their specialty
  7. We wish every child will have a place in the government school in their own village/city close to their homes
  8. We wish the Grade five exams be scrapped and the children allowed to continue in schools in their home towns and each town will have a fully equipped high standard school
  9. We wish the school children be given career guidance as a rule and encouraged to follow vocations of suitable for their talents.
  10. We wish the hospitals will provide common drugs to the patients and not ask them to buy them outside
  11. We wish the consultation fees of the doctors be standardized and the cost of special investigations/treatments like scans and surgery be standardized
  12. We wish tobacco and alcohol totally banned in our country (tall wish indeed!)
  13. We wish a concerted effort be made to eradicate the garbage problems in a systematic way by recycling and minimizing package material, specially non bio gradable material
  14. We wish the beautification program of the city be continued and extended to all the cities and villages
  15. We wish a scheme set up with the dream of “No citizen without a home”
  16. We wish a plan made for the elders of the country where they can spend time in useful ways
  17. We wish the cases in the courts do not take so long and they are heard at village/city levels before coming to courts
  18. We wish the lawyers’ fees are standardized.
  19. We wish musical star shows are replaced by other talent recognition

Want to add? Go ahead.

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