Is this a Religion or plain thinking with a heart?

> Is this a Religion or plain thinking with a heart?

> “ encouraged for they walk amongst us..!”
> A young man in his thirties used to stand on the footpath opposite the
> famous Tata Cancer Hospital at Mumbai and stare at the crowd in front-
> fear plainly written upon the faces of the patients standing at
> death’s door; their relatives with equally grim faces running
> around.. These sights disturbed him greatly..
> Most of the patients were poor people from distant towns. They had no
> idea whom to meet, or what to do. They had no money for medicines, not
> even food. The young man, heavily depressed, would return home.
> ‘Something should be done for these people’, he would think. He was
> haunted by the thought day and night.
> At last he found a way-
> He rented out his own hotel that was doing good business and raised
> some money. From these funds he started a charitable activity right
> opposite Tata Cancer Hospital, on the pavement next to Kondaji
> Building. He himself had no idea that the activity would continue to
> flourish even after the passage of 27 years. The activity consisted of
> providing free meals for cancer patients and their relatives. Many
> people in the vicinity approved of this activity. Beginning with
> fifty, the number of beneficiaries soon rose to hundred, two hundred,
> three hundred. As the numbers of patients increased, so did the number
> of helping hands. As years rolled by, the activity continued;
> undeterred by the change of seasons, come winter, summer or even the
> dreaded monsoon of Mumbai. The number of beneficiaries soon reached
> 700. Mr Harakhchand Sawla, for that was the name of the pioneer, did
> not stop here. He started supplying free medicines for the needy. In
> fact, he started a medicine bank, enlisting voluntary services of
> three doctors and three pharmacists. A toy banks was opened for kids
> suffering from cancer. The ‘Jeevan Jyot’ trust founded by Mr Sawla now
> runs more than 60 humanitarian projects. Sawla, now 57 years old,
> works with the same vigour. A thousand salutes to his boundless energy
> and his monumental contribution!
> There are people in this country who look upon Sachin Tendulkar as
> ‘God’- for playing 200 test matches in 20 years, few hundred one day
> matches, and scoring100 centuries and 30,000 runs. But hardly anyone
> knows Harakhchand Sawla, leave alone call him ‘God’ for feeding free
> lunches to 10 to 12 lac cancer patients and their relatives. We owe
> this discrepancy to our mass media!
> (A relentless hunt on Google failed to procure a photograph of Mr.Sawla.)
> Crores of devotees hunting for ‘God’ in Vithoba temple at Pandharpur,
> Sai temple at Shirdi, Balaji temple at Tirupati will never find ‘God’.
> God resides in our vicinity. But we, like mad men run after ‘god-men’,
> styled variously as Bapu, Maharaj or Baba. All Babas, Maharajs and
> Bapus become multi-millionnaires, but our difficulties, agonies and
> disasters persist unabated till death. For last 27 years, millions of
> cancer patients and their relatives have found ‘God’, in the form of
> Harakhchand Sawla.


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