Needless to say, the misjudged trust placed on BBS by the former government worked totally against them and was a major factor in turning the majority Muslim votes against Mahinda. Hot debates are still going on whether Maithri has BBS to thank for his historical victory.

Having said that the ethnic conflicts will not work in Srilanka for the people of all ethnic origins are wary and weary of wars in our blessed country. Enough is enough and lets’ live in peace.

However there are some ministers in the new government who had strong Buddhist ideologies and strong anti Muslim views during the last regime. Ranjan Ramanayake and Champika Ranawake are two of them. Their views arose from ignorance of Islam rather than personal antagonism. Both of them are strong proponents against corruption and nepotism today, which actions are welcomed by one and all in this country, including the Muslims. However when the dust settles down on these matters the ugly anti Muslim feelings should not raise it’s head again marring the peace of the country.

Knowledge is the basis of wisdom. Therefore all politicians and people must first learn whether what they see as the Ghost of Terrorism amongst Muslims actually exists in Srilanka. If it does the Muslims will be the first to condemn them and would insist of legal action against them to eradicate them. Similarly many facts about Islam are misunderstood by many non-Muslims. These people, especially the ones in power who can make an effect in the society, must establish means of mutual discussion to understand each other’s religions.

To this end both these factions, Muslims and others must make efforts to meet and discuss various issues that looks contradicting. Actually the more one studies Pure Buddhism and Islam the more one is struck by the similarities rather than the dissimilarities.

If we do not learn by our mistakes there is no difference between man and beasts. We have suffered enough and more by ethnic wars and fights. Let’s not forget this fact while we are in the process of rebuilding our nation.

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