From last night the sickening noise of fire crackers have started. Will we ever learn? Why are awe burning our money when we are happy?

In the near future there is going to be merry making for Christmas, New year and results of the Presidency election – irrespective of who wins.

And sure, our people are going to burn money as a show of happiness. Surely! Why, o why, the fire crackers?
There is no fun at all other than the frightening noise, but there is possibility of burns, injury and littering of garbage on the roads.

As right thinking people why not think of a better way to celebrate? Why not have kiribath and kavun for the celebrations – or singing and dancing on the roads? Or get on the roads and distribute sweets to one and all? Or feed the poor – anything but fire crackers.

We are not animals. We do not have to follow the same routine just because it has been done that way always. We are intelligent beings. Let’s rethink of a nicer way to show our happiness without being destructive.

Sent by : Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,
22, Vanderwert Place, Dehiwela
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