Alhamdulillah the printer who prints the books for Almuslimaath has come forward to donate 1200 COPIES OF  IQRA BOOK 1 (TEACHING CHILDREN RECITAL OF QURAN WITH THAJWEED) to poor students through Almuslimaath.

Almuslimaath will be donating these  to individual students or madrasas catering to poor students. .

Please Call Mrs. Sharmila Hafeez on (077) 610 4979 to book  your copies. The madrasas teaching poor students must  submit appeals giving details of the madrasas and the students.. .

IQRA – Children’s Books for madrasas PUBLISHED BY ALMUSLIMAATH

Our children go to madrasas to learn the language of Arabic daily for 4-5 years. At most places they learn nothing but recital of the Quran. There is no doubt learning to recite the Quran is essential for every Muslim but is that all they need to learn? They must learn to read and understand the Quran – in other words they must be given the knowledge of Arabic language – to read, understand, recite, speak and write.
Similarly the Quran must be loved by them so that in due time they will start reading it at least in their own language. In order to  bring them to this level, we must make the madrasa time very interesting.

In order to do this,  Almuslimaath has published many books called Iqra series from books 1 to books 7   to be used in the children’s madarasas.  They include – books teaching the alphabets of Arabic in the phonetic method, drawing and coloring the letters  for little children, Books of  Writing exercises and other interesting exercises from the book in order to make them very thorough with the letters.  And Books of  duas in day to day life, and books of  hathees relevant to them to be memorized  with translations in Tamil, English and Sinhalese.

This way not only the lessons are  uniform in all the madrasas of the island, irrespective of whatever the language they study in,   but the parents also will be able to understand the meaning of the duas and hathees.

These books are available for sales in most Islamic book shops and at Almuslimaath Head office,  2, BOTHEJU AVENUE, Off School Lane, Off Station Road, Dehiwela, phone 011 2736577

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