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Project Report

Assalamu alaikum.
As you are aware there had been massive floods in Kolonnawa area and almuslimaath has been in the field providing immediate relief and long term relief.

When we were studying long term needs, to our horror, we found hundreds of children in these area are not attending schools at all. The government schools are full and also do not have Islam even as a subject. Many International schools have sprouted but most of them charge a fee which these poor people cannot afford. So the children are left at home, either not having attended school at all, or having left school half way due to inability to pay the fees, buy the books etc. No wonder this area is home to drugs, drinking and gambling even by children as they nothing better to do.

while measures are afoot to speak to the government to open more schools in this area, we decided as a stop gap measure to open a low cost high standard international school in Koilawathe, Kolonnawa where already 100 students have been identified as needing schooling. It will be a branch of our existing school Alasaafeer International School in Dehiwela, since registering new schools are not allowed by the government at present. The local mosque trustees are very enthusiastic and supportive of the project. We intend to enroll students on the 17th of October, insha Allah;

The cost for the first year is as follows:

The rental Rs. 30,000 /month = Rs. 360,000
Furniture for 100 students = Rs. 200,000
Stationery for 100 students = Rs.100,000
Uniforms 2 sets each = 200,000
Incidental expenditure= 100,000

Total money needed for one year = 960,000
= about 6540 USD
=24000 SR
The personal cost per child = Rs.5000

Its the drops that make the mighty ocean.

I hope you will help at least in a small way in this worthwhile cause, which si sadaqathul jariya, insha Allah.

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Sri Lankan Association of Muslim Women & Girls
Ph +94 (011) 2736577
P.O. Box 143, Dehiwela
E-Mail: [email protected]m

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