(465) Put a a smile on the face of a poor child this festival!

Assalamu alaikum.

As usual this year too, almuslimaath will give new clothes for the orphans and the needy, insha Allah.
A little child will need Rs. 400/- and a youngster will need about Rs. 2000 ( abaya and hijab).
While your child is having a good set of clothes let another child rejoice from your kind donation.
Remember  we are in the first

ten days of dhul hijja.

It is narrated from Ibn Abbaas (RAA) that the Prophet (PBUH) of said: “There are no days in which righteous deeds done in them are more beloved to Allah than these days, ie the ten days (of Dhul-Hijjah). They said: O Messenger of Allah, not even Jihaad in the path of Allah? He said: Not even Jihaad in the Path of Allah, the Most High, except if a man goes out (for Jihaad) with his self and his wealth, then he doesn’t return with anything from that.”
(Al-Bukhaaree, Abu Daawood and others.)

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