Almuslimaath has been conducting a 4 months residential course for

young girls over 16 years at Madrasathu Ummil Mumineen in Dehiwela. Quran, hathees, computer, cookery, sewing, dawa, housekeeping and many more. Call 0112739632 for details

Most of the girls who wish to join cannot afford to pay the fees of Rs. 10,000 a month including food and lodging. Will you be able to sponsor at least one person even partially? We do not make any profits from this course but we are finding it difficult to meet the over heads.

Please help. All those who cannot pay are eligible for zakath. If you educate one girl on Quran and Sunna you are educating a generation.
Please do help.

Admission fee Rs.10,000

Monthly fee Rs. 10,000 x 4
some girls can pay half so you can sponsor the other half.

You can remit your sadaqa/ zakath into

Amana Bank

Account: Almuslimaath
480 Galle Road, Colombo 03

Savings Number: 0100127994002

Swift Code: AMNALKLX


Commercial Bank

Account : Almuslimaath

Savings Number: 1580008015

Swift code: CCEYLKLK

For all Remittances:

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