Spring Of Mercy

Spring of mercy

Spring of Mercy is a centre for special need children. It is a wing of Almuslimaath. It is School for both genders as well as for children of all ethnicity and religions and of any age. 

It is situated now at No 39/7, Peiris Avenue, Kalubowila. Dehiwala. +94 77 669 1671 manage their day to day affairs, develop their talents and whenever possible make them useful citizens while counselling the parents and guardians, care takers to do the best for these children. 


Every person with a  disability is an individual. 
Train the special child to lead a normal life as much as possible. 

We Provide:

Speech therapy & physiotherapy
Halal Music, Meditation in English/Sinhala/Tamil
Free education


Almuslimaath realized that the society needs care centers for special need children, specially for the people who can’t afford financially to give special care.

According to our aim, we set up a school for disabled children of all ages and religions in June 25th 2012 at 24, Windsor Avenue, off Vanderwert place, Dehiwala, Alhamdulillah and named it as ‘Rainbow Centre’. 
The trained teachers and sympathetic care takers educate the children to the best of the children’s ability. 
We started up with 1 child & the number of enrolment increased gradually & by January 2013 we had 8 children of both the genders. The student who enrolled first was Imthiya 42 yrs old.
We shifted with 15 children to No 20/1, Vanderwert place, Dehiwala on 7th January, 2014 and then to  13, P.T. De Silva Mawathe, off station road, Dehiwela and then to the current place at No 05, Senanayaka road, off Station Road, Dehiwala on 4th of May, 2014.

In September 2014, We changed the name to ‘SPRING OF MERCY’

Spring of Mercy’ had 20 children in Jan 2017. 

The Principal & Project coordinator of Spring of Mercy : Mrs. Monica Benjamin

School Hours : Five days a week from 8.30 am – 2.00 pm

School Fee : Rs.2,000/- (negotiable) per month only for the affordable children 

No of current students:13 (Out of them one child is affordable to pay the fee. 
Al-muslimaath bears the cost of rest of the children, alhamdhulillah) through kind donors’ contributions.


Morning Exercise & yoga, drawing, English, religion, handwork, discussions, story time, music, dancing & gardening. 
Readings and writing to those Who are able to read and write After school crèche available till 5 pm on payment


Indoor games (such as Carom / Snake & ladder, etc).

Out door games in the garden (Such as book balancing, filling the bottle, thread the needle, musical chair, spot the eye, etc)

Progression : Individual oral evolution & issue report at the end of the term.

Other Activities : Gardening Outing & exhibitions with the children’s own productivities

Teachers : Mrs. Monica Benjamin, Mrs. K. Kalyani & Mrs.F.Fazeena

Miner Staff  : one 

Our needs : Need donors to sponsor four children at present

Expectations : A school with residential facilities is expected to be set up in the near future for children from outstations